Moving forward with major releases means new features,
new design, and a new approach to structure.

The Experience Engine had proven apps available for several theme parks. But it was time to make improvements and move from multiple apps to a mobile solution that could scale further, as well as allow expansion into the hospitality sector.


Lessons from earlier deployments were combined with customer feedback to help articulate the strategy. The new goals drove a complete restructuring of the application.


User testing

The revised IA and flow maps were used to build a wireframe. Through constant reviews, the wireframe was refined, and a design layer added. These comps were used for remote and on-site testing with particular focus on maps and navigation, the most-used features.



User testing proved the new model, and the design was extended. Specifications were written in Confluence for the dev team, and stickersheets were created for the UX team’s use in future development.



The new solution has now successfully deployed apps for theme parks and resorts across North America.